Object configuration

Click the Assert box in the navigation bar to enter the asset configuration interface to enter the object configuration interface by default.


The newly opened Object list shows by default the group of objects that are gathered. You can click on the specific object group to expand the object list.

The control buttons on the right side of the group can edit the name of the group or delete the group. The object under the deleted group will be moved to the default group. It can be added by adding a group button. The button position is on the left side of the quick search box.
Click the Add button in the top right corner to allow users to add objects via the activation code.


Add a object by filling in a valid Factory ID and Activation Code.
Clicking on a object in the device list will bring up the device configuration editing interface on the right.

Each block can edit a related parameter configuration of the object, click on the section you want to edit to edit.