T-Mobile begins a limited home Internet pilot to lay the foundation for home broadband disruption before the merger with Sprint

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Bellevue, WA – March 21, 2019 – Un-carrier is preparing to destroy one of the most uncompetitive industries in existence. Today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is starting trials of home Internet services, sending invitations to rural and service-deficient limited T-Mobile customers to get high-speed fixed wireless services. This is the entire content of Un-carrier’s efforts to provide Americans with true home broadband options and competition through New T-Mobile – and save consumers billions of dollars.

The T-Mobile Home Internet Pilot is dedicated to providing areas where we expect to provide approximately 50 Mbps speed over LTE fixed unrestricted wireless services – no data caps. Using AutoPay costs only $50 a month because it comes from T-Mobile, has no annual service contract, no hidden fees, and no equipment costs. Setting up a home router is very simple, and pilot customers can get support from a professional, real-world team – from the company that ranks first in customer service satisfaction year after year.

Due to LTE network and spectrum capacity limitations, the T-Mobile Home Internet Pilot is limited to only inviting existing customers in specific regions, with the goal of reaching 50,000 households by the end of the year – or slightly less than 0.04% of US households. However, if T-Mobile is about to merge with Sprint, Un-carrier plans to cover more than half of US 5G broadband service families as new T-Mobiles increase in size and capacity – over 100 Mbps – 2024. Americans can save billions Dollar. Today, consumers typically pay about $80 a month for wired home broadband services – $960 a year. Due to lower prices and more competition, an economist estimates that by 2024, the new T-Mobile will save up to $13.65 billion in annual customer broadband!

“Two weeks ago, I developed a home broadband plan with New T-Mobile. Now we are working hard to build the future,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere. “We are walking, laying the groundwork for a world where we can represent consumers and Big Cable, and providing real choice, competition and savings for Americans across the United States.”

Almost half of American households do not have a competitive high-speed home broadband rate of 100 Mbps, while in rural areas, more than three-quarters of households do not have high-speed broadband services or only one option. When there is no choice, the customer will suffer. According to the ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index), there is no doubt that Internet service providers and cable and satellite TV companies have the lowest customer satisfaction scores in 46 industries! The new T-Mobile will be equipped with spectrum and network assets that will build the highest-capacity wireless network in US history, covering millions of 5Gs, not just a few people in a few blocks in a few cities like everyone else . By 2024, the new T-Mobile will be able to cover more than half of US postal codes, wireless and wireless home broadband, and will be able to support 9.5 million US homes for high-speed home broadband services.

T-Mobile customers in specific regions currently eligible to participate in the pilot will receive a T-Mobile Home Internet Invitation via email and US mail this week, which contains information on how to register.

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