Indian and Chinese giants collaborate on the IOT

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China Telecom Global and India’s Tata Communications are collaborating to launch the Global Internet of Things (IoT) service in the Chinese market.

According to the Tata Communications IoT release, the partnership will enable the company to easily and economically deploy and manage IoT devices in China and internationally, across multiple industries, including consumer and industrial electronics manufacturing, automotive, and transportation. And logistics.

China Telecom Global and Tata Communications will cooperate to support the global Internet of Things opportunities. The Tata Communications MOVE service leverages the company’s relationships with more than 600 mobile network operators around the world to ensure that new IoT-enabled wearables or automotive systems can connect instantly anywhere in the world. According to the press release, with this platform and capabilities, China Telecom will be able to enhance the global influence of its IoT products and meet the needs of Chinese and overseas companies.

The Tata Communications Internet of Things has made great strides in this area. Through this cooperation, China Telecom also provides connectivity services for Tata Communications in China, Hong Kong and Macau. Tata Communications can also leverage China Telecom’s vast 4G network resources to provide its customers with competitive, high-quality IoT connectivity in the Greater China market. For specific vertical industries, such as automobiles, China Telecom Global will provide Tata Communications with IoT connectivity solutions that meet the Chinese market requirements.

“We hope to capture the fast-growing market share of China’s Internet of Things,” Deng Xiaofeng, China Telecom’s global CEO, said in a statement. “China Telecom Global works closely with Tata Communications to pave the way for innovation and advanced IoT solutions across all industries. We are able to provide our customers with the borderless, reliable and affordable network they need for different IoT devices. Connectivity. As the number of connected “things” continues to grow, we are able to provide customers with comprehensive visibility and control to easily manage hundreds of thousands of IoT devices worldwide. We also look forward to serving Tata Communications customers. Provide reliable IoT connectivity in Greater China.”

“The nature of the Internet of Things in areas such as automotive infotainment and air travel means that these ‘things’ require borderless, secure and scalable connectivity to allow companies to capture, move and manage the valuable information they generate on a global scale. ,” – Anthony Bartolo, Chief Product Officer, Tata Communications.

“Through our Tata Communications MOVE platform and our global partnership with China Telecom, we look forward to helping to eliminate the complexity that companies may face when deploying new IoT devices and accelerate the time-to-market for new and innovative IoT services. Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau.”

This partnership means that China Telecom Global and Tata Communications’ multinational customers will be able to deploy IoT services in each other’s networks and take advantage of the growth of the global IoT market.

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