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I took off my blue beret.I know, I do not want to see it anymore.I close my eyes, leaning on the car.I know Xiaobian fell asleep. I really do not understand at that time, a long list of talent how to find the object so open Then look at the hearts and minds of the families of the armed forces will understand, and now the People s Liberation Army is EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test the most lovely people s time, the girls want feelings, but also to house car tickets, the most important thing is the time, the field army young officers is absolutely No. Xiao Ying said lightly There is a failure.I startled Really Xiao Nodded Yes, I have a house outside the chest, she knows what happened. Then meet both parties.Introducing each other, we introduce the end to 312-50 Test listen to that Director Blow it come are the elite selected by our public security system ah The first one on the introduction that is Sanda the first few, we feel great applause After we retire, we will participate in the national Sanda, should be better than anything else promising Then introduce this is black band karate paragraphs, we applaud I feel always simmering playing Japanese devils this time is not playing the Japanese devils to pack up and practice Japan that set Ethical Hacker Certified of type is not bad is considered dry addiction then introduced that more than a dozen people are Niubi not work in the provincial public security system How high the status of the country can be a bit of a fame when I came to a conclusion, the military cadres habit is to introduce the law when the fear of uncertainty when shameless local cadres habits is not to do the image of the project to go up and then There is no way to end the game, finally it can not say that does not understand well is pretend to understand. Watching the rain crashing.I was wearing a raincoat everywhere to check safety measures. Let me go Adapt to a strange environment I do not want to However, the assessment is the examination, I was afraid of which subjects failed, dragged all the hind legs, the results suddenly force too Certified Ethical Hacker 312-50 hard, even the combined results down, I was not only recruits first, that is, all in The same is true for officers and men in the same discipline. You spray You ah Wild boar almost, but also wolf it I drove out of town with you, up the mountain. Third Brother is a small shadow and I dragged to the Philippines.We are playing together. But the dog s head is obviously better than the cat s head, how many years of truth. This grandson is a professional officer.He wants to let this opportunity go.That really is the sun coming out from the west and I know the quality of this grandson is really not blowing ah Several records EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test of the military region are his ah, or a God in the head of the brigade when cadres are still working in a college graduate student do you think is not God Believe it or not, but this god man can not say much, and indeed there is something and says I am there to say nothing, to move the logs. What is the concept of military car dealers Grand Corps mobilization is a concept Only you have seen it before. We had a special hurdle past the parked corner of the plane that crashed into the Civil Aviation Passenger used to slide down the train tower after a lot of I have not seen Lashiko. I took the mine needles to find the dead branches, tied them with the correct ones and the ones with one breath, turned them over with more than 20 syndicate bags that were quickly stuffed into my belt. But now there is a new situation, that is, none of them will come.The virus that swept China caused many people to stay at 312-50 Test home, including me, including them. Then I will assist the Chief Executive in writing his own training plan and teaching method. There are new clothes ready for you, even the new Big One and socks.The cat s head of the cooks are still there to shout pork stew noodles in the mouth Light weight ah Really do not treat you as outsiders, are all of my own people do it But I just do not bath, do not change clothes, standing outside the chemical resistant bath car. Soldier, a chess piece Free Download Real EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test on the battle war chessboard, is a dull figure or unfamiliar face in the newspapers and magazines you watch, does not arouse any sympathy for you, or does not you think it is fun to kill It Most Reliable EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test is not surprising that in this world where everyone likes to take a moment 312-50 to stimulate the novelty world. Due to the experience of being a soldier, although I am not a fan of the military, I still pay attention to the evolution of the infantry manned equipment. How did nobody remind me at that time many years have passed, girl, you know me, EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test I told you what the Chinese Army ah Nothing, I dare not mention these past events. Not to say that EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test the fraternal forces on how to train bad discipline is not strict but training is training, EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test not combat, cadres in the few soldiers can you expect to stare for a long time Are used to rest and rest are normal.

There are indeed only a small number of harassment, although the war has subsided, UNPF headquarters range is peaceful but does not 100% Pass EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test represent the bird there is no conflict ah I really do not want to EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test say anything more about tactical terminology, but I EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test still want to popularize that the headquarters camp and the peacekeeping mission area are two different concepts. Military vehicles one with EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test a camouflage net, heavily armed soldiers jumped off from the military vehicles or jumped up so the dog master also jumped up or jumped down, the officers are in the roadside pointing to the Real EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test map finger Pointing to discuss tactical plans, guardsmen hand scattered around the pistol though the package is empty, but its demeanor is serious. I do not know what I can say.You can not play that you are not your EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test own Xiao Ying shouted, You Ethical Hacker Certified are mine You are mine Black monkey Xiao Zhuang, do you hear I nodded. In fact, the first parachute really can not write, often do not know how it happened you have come to the ground. I was so cautious 312-50 Test to suppress my voice crying.I do 312-50 not know what to say.What can I say Oh, you joke again.Are you happy this time Girl Do not learn Certified Ethical Hacker 312-50 without skill You are overjoyed on the phone, EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test was caught I Hey Hey. I never call them women, because they do not belong to me and I do not belong to them either. The United Nations will absolutely not ask any peacekeeping forces in all countries to EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test show any heroic spirit. Made me really dumbfounded want to hit the wall, I told EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test her so important to prove her trust in her is not Generally want to spend High Pass Rate EC-COUNCIL 312-50 Test her life together, but she actually is a very dismissive attitude. What have you got in mind So, the girl can not get is the best you will always remember.