How can I start the business?

You need order at least one of our service package, we have 3 packages – Basic/Junior/Senior, after you order the package, you will get a number of connection based on package and start your business.

What is a “connection” device?

Our platform charges the service fee by connection, you can arrange the connection to any device any time. For example, one device has the issue and can’t work, you can set this device to invalid and release this connection to other device to make your costs as little as possible.

How to add the exceed connection?

After your connection number is exceed your package connection, you can buy more connection, different package the exceed connection price is different.

Can I change my package ?

Sure, every month you can adjust your package based on your connection status, and first day of next month, your package service fee plan will auto change.

Does your platform meet the US/EU Safe Harbor Compliant?

Our platform designed based on US/EU Safe Harbor framework for data protection. We always try our best and comply with newest privacy protection standard.

Does TFTIOT support multiple languages?

Absolute, we support many languages, if your local language isn’t showed in our list, we can provide the translation excel and welcome help us translate to your local language, after we get your translation document, we spend 30 minutes and the new language will be online.

Can I get a demo or trial of TFTIOT?

Yes, you can get a demo and experience our platform with your hardware in hand, please don’t hesitate to send a demand to us via our online demo and experience system. 

How can I know whether you current platform supports my device?

You can check our integrate device list, it shows the the device photo, model name, basis features, IP and port.  If your device isn’t show the list, please send a demand to us via our online integrate system. Our developers will response you after they get your message.